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My Experience with ‘The Girl’

October 27, 2009

Recently i ordered a book called ‘The Girl’ by Sonia Faleiro  online from for Rs. 250. Then i found the same book available for Rs. 150 with other online sellers.

Read the email conversation i had with nbcindia cutomercare

me to

   The actual price of the book ordered is Rs.150 but it is really unfair of you to sell that online for Rs.250 and deceive the buyers. I demand reasonable explanation or cancel the order and refund the money. to me

Dear so and so,

Thanks for writing. Well The Price of Book is 250 Only. All Major Indian Website are Selling it for 250 Only. Your Blame to us is not Justified. Please See the Link for Major Website:

This is Rediff Price

This is Flipkart Price

This is First and Second
KINDLY Note that Price is perfectly correct.

After going through all the above links i came to know there are two editions of the same book with Hardcover costs Rs. 250 and Paperback costs Rs. 150. But this information was conveniently ignored or hidden from me.

me to

Hi thanks for your response..

   Your website clearly mentions (Paperback)

The Paperback edition of the book costs only Rs.150 which you can see in flipkart

If you are shipping me ‘Hardcover’ edition the price of Rs.250 is fine with me. I expect the book be delivered promptly.

Thanks once again.

When i received the book it was a Paperback book and the price tag was scratched, inked and pasted with a sticker above. 

me to

I received the book and you guys think you are smart enough to sell a Rs.150 book for Rs.250? Take my word i will be ruining your company’s name online in all the forums available. If money and fraud is the only motive there are many other businesses available try them as well.

I wonder when this people will learn ethics in business is as important as love and trust in relationship.

Between i wonder why my experience with ‘The Girl’ is one of unpleasant? 


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  1. March 1, 2010 2:00 PM

    Hi Actor ! Seeing you after a long time ! I am sorry to know about the bad experience and you to go through with your purchase of your book. spending money is no issue with us most of the time but it becomes an issue when we feel cheated ! I can understand your frustration. I too will tell people to be vigilant while placing an order online [specially with NBC India 🙂 ]

    Anyways, I hope we have all learned something from your experience 🙂 Take care and keep writing please !!

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